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About Us

In between jobs, new house, and new kids, I answered an ad in the Mother Earth News for a company that sold chimney sweep equipment. At the time, I had an old Dodge pickup truck. I bought a 32-foot wooden ladder and off I went.

Working the second shift at a manufacturing plant allowed me to build the business aggressively during the day. My goal was to make this into a full time business. My youngest daughter, Meredith, accompanied me most of the time, and I still have customers who ask about her. She is now 30. Slowly, I built a base of repeat customers and carried myself through the busy season each year. We went full-time in 1991.

It has truly been a labor of love. We now have an active database of about 2700 customers-some are children and even grandchildren of our early customers. We have made many new friends along the way, and I have been fortunate to have had the support of many great employees.

We sincerely look forward to either meeting you as a new customer, or seeing you as one of our “regulars” at your next chimney sweeping appointment.

Phil Mitchell